Who we are

We are a circle of highly trusted business partners and friends – the Associates, who together with our respective wider personal business network help and consult you with your business. Consider us a smaller and trusted “Linkedin” where nobody spams you with connection request and is focused on reliable business.

The Associates Circle

All of us strive for our goals and dreams with our respective business ventures. We all believe that business has to be done in a trustful, reliable, responsible as well as in a mutually benefiting way. There is enough for everybody – especially if we co-operate and drive business ventures together we can build great and meaningful things.  We are spread around the globe, have made our experiences and learned our lessons in a variety of industries and regions. We have different educational as much as ethnic backgrounds and have combined all that to a powerful, trusted and exclusive business circle and network.

What Makes Us Different

We all know each other personally and all guarantee for each other. Apart from our individual experiences and drive we know that our biggest asset is our own credibility, truth and reputation. It is all about Trust. Network. Business.

Wider Business Network – The “Non-Associates”

We will always share if the partner that potentially gets involved in the business belongs to the Associate Circle or not. We will inform you if we have conducted trustful and successful business with the respective partner before or if he is just someone we know and met. You can then decide yourself whether you consider him trustworthy enough to do business or not. We will be 100% transparent and make sure you know what to expect.

Industries of Experiences

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